University of Leeds Forms Service

Suggest a purchase

This form has a maximum of 6 pages

Use the "Begin this form" button at the bottom of this page to suggest the Library buys an item, or items, to support teaching or research. For example, a book, ebook, DVD, or CD.

Please search the library for each item first to check it is not already here.

If the item is for a reading list, please use the reading list tool in Minerva.

For new subscriptions, including journals, please use the Suggest a new subscription form.

Purchasing options

We buy ebooks whenever we can as this increases access to titles. When we buy an ebook, we will send you a direct link to the item record.

If we buy a print copy please allow six weeks from when you make your suggestion to the print item appearing on the Library shelf. Items that come from overseas, or which are only available second hand, can take longer to arrive.

If an item is too specialised or expensive to purchase, we will refer you to the Document Supply service (DOCS).

We will tell you if your suggestion isn't successful.