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Economics PhD Scholarship Application Form

Please use this form to apply for a 2020/21 PhD Scholarship in Economics.

You must have already submitted a PhD application and be in receipt of a student ID number to be eligible for this scholarship. Application forms from candidates without a valid student ID number will be automatically rejected.

You must have uploaded all the necessary documents in support of your PhD application by the scholarship closing date. Applicants with incomplete PhD applications will not be eligible for the scholarship.

This scholarship is available in the Economics Division. Full details are available here.

This form will time out after ten minutes and will not save your answers. You will need to answer the following longer questions:

  • Please briefly outline your proposed research project (max 500 words)
  • Please outline your previous academic and professional achievements (max 300 words)
If applicable, you will also need to provide information about your publications and academic prizes. There is also a chance to highlight to the Scholarships Committee any usual circumstances regarding your application (max 150 words).

To avoid losing your work, copy and paste your answers from a Word document into the form. 

Please note that your data will be held in accordance with the University of Leeds Privacy Policy.