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We like to feature students and alumni in Business School related e-newsletters, magazines, brochures, social media and on the Business School website. To do this, we would like to develop a selection of case studies, based on the information you provide. Tell us your story and how Leeds University Business School has made an impact on you.

Please answer the following questions in as much details as you can. The more information we have the better your case study will be: it’s the detail that will make your case study more interesting! If there are any questions that aren’t relevant, please just miss them out.

We also need a photograph of you to accompany your profile. This should be in a professional style rather than a personal photo and supplied as .jpg and if possible 1MB or above.

Please note, by sending us material you are providing your consent that we can use it free of charge for University of Leeds marketing purposes and that your rights to the material are waived. Whilst we will always endeavour to use the material you provide sensitively, we reserve the right to edit that material.